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The Conference and all film screenings will be at the Great Escape Theatre at 7440 Crown Point Avenue.

Nebraska Shorts - Documentaries - 95 minutes
Screens Thursday, March 3 at 6:00pm with “Striking A Chord”

Tokyo Food Scene - 13:53 minutes
Written and directed by Rie Takeuchi

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Tokyo Food Scene, filmed in Tokyo, Japan, is a short documentary about the life-like plastic or silicone food models commonly used as window displays in many restaurants in Japan. They are not only great visual aids for ordering unfamiliar foods, but also entice those who pass by the restaurants.

Esperanza - 12:00 minutes
Directed by Tim Guthrie
Executive Produced by John O’Keefe
Head Writer Carol Zuegner
Videographers/Video and Sound Editors - Rachel Belsha, Morgan Braaten, Amy Engle, Peter Freeze, Emily Hanigan, Jen Houston, Rachel Johnson, Gaby Mock, Scott Peak

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A mini-documentary primarily filmed and edited by Creighton Students. The mini-doc follows Pedro Almonte and the work he has done with the community of Cien Fuegos in the Domincan Republic.

Bye Bye Blatt - 6:30 minutes
Directed by Mike Machian

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!


Several people who spent their youth going to or working baseball games at Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium share their thoughts on the ‘Blatt’s last season.

Walk in the Clouds - 10:30 minutes
Directed by Doug Mcmains
Voice over by Robert Redford

Glacier National Park has enormous water preserves as well as one million acres of undeveloped wilderness. Glacier National Park is not currently designated as 'Wilderness'. All of the beauty and resources of Glacier are at risk as long as the park is not set-aside as 'Wilderness'. The text of the film is intended to drive citizens to promote 'Wilderness Designation' for Glacier National Park.

Irma - 12:30 minutes
Directed by Charles Fairbanks
Starring Irma Gonzalez

Irma is an intimate musical portrait of Irma Gonzalez, the former world champion of women's professional wrestling. Filmed in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl - a notorious district of Mexico City - Irma contradicts everything we have come to expect from stories reported from Mexico. Featuring music written and performed by Ms. Gonzalez, Irma's story surges with love and deceit, masculine strength, feminine charms, and an extraordinary sense of humor.

Nebraska Shorts – Block #1 - 86 minutes
Screens Friday, March 4 at 8:00pm

Sidewalk Chalk - 3:33 minutes
Directed by Ryan Long

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Realizing that crayons and paper are too small for her thoughts, a little girl takes up another medium.

Jackson's Big Feat - 8:23 minutes
Written and Directed by Brad Iwen

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Ray Jackson, a true master of his craft, has been on a life-long quest that never fails to elude him. After receiving a starling phone call from an old friend up north on a hunting trip, Jackson makes the necessary preparations and hits the road. The greatest journey of Jackson’s life is successful beyond his wildest dreams and he brings home the prize he’s spent his lifetime seeking.

The Hotline - 7:23 minutes
Written and Directed by Kevin Burns

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Lisa has just moved into a new house with her longtime boyfriend. All is right as rain until a mysterious force is thrust into her life and she is left to decide what is real, what is not, and what is within the limits of her control.

Cowboys - 3:40 minutes
Written and Directed by Erin Carr
Produced by Katie Williams

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A brother enters his dream world to rescue his toy cowboy.

O Betty - 4:32 minutes
Directed by Lynn Sanchez
Song by Rex Gray, Dan Presher

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A cautionary tale of love gone away set to an infectiously catchy tune by Omaha’s Linoma Mashers.

Proposals - 7:45 minutes
Written and Directed by Alex Jeffery
Produced by Brian Watt and Alex Jeffery
Starring Katie Streeter, Christian Stokes, Alex Jeffery

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A chance encounter in a men's bathroom lead Ben and Stacy to believe they might not be with the right people.

Reality? - 18:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Jordan Fountain

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!


James, an 18-year-old telemarketer was unsatisfied with his life. He was tired of his crap boss, annoying co-worker, and bland routine. One night, he started to have these dreams, these separations from reality that showed him the limits of time, fate and space. Follow James through his life changing quest to answer the question, What is Reality?

That's What it Takes - 5:50 minutes
Written and Directed by Chris Lofing
Produced by Mitesh Mirchandani, Chris Lofing
Starring Muneesh Sharma, Stephen Jahn, Vera Taylor, Noah KP, Austin Mensh, Samantha Hamadeh

One man sets out to swindle money with a brain cancer donation hoax, but he soon finds himself tangled in a tug of war between right and wrong when he is forced to choose between his tropical romantic getaway and people who are in need.

Light and Get Away - 11:19 minutes
Written and Directed by Wade Lux
Produced by Caleb DeWitt
Starring Ellie Craig, Nathan Johnson

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Strange things are happening in America's breadbasket. A young couple flees an unknown incident via 4-cylinder on the 4th of July as the story goes back to their baby-centric conversation from the day before.

Nebraska Shorts – Block #2 - 90 minutes
Screens Saturday, March 5 at 8:45pm

Taking the Road - 7:30 minutes
Written and Directed by Natalie Covault
Produced by Aaron Sawyer
Starring CC Ice, Nic Roewert, Nathan Weiss, Jeff Tinnean, Bill A. Jones

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!


Set in the 1950's, newlyweds Judd and Jessica snap photographs of their honeymoon driving across the country. When the impulse to pick up a hitchhiker gets the better of them, Judd and Jessica are forced into an extreme situation if they hope to continue down the road that lies ahead.

Little Voice - 6:39 minutes
Written and Directed by Alex Jeffery
Starring Aric Damm, Rachel Adams

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

David, a young man in his early 20's, is on the way out the door to cheat on his girlfriend Kara. That is, however, until an unsuspecting visitor stops him at the door.

Pot Luck - 11:59 minutes
Written and Directed by Ryan Long

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

While attending a friend’s birthday, Will hits it off with an attractive party crasher. Unavoidably side tracked his “quick” trip to the restroom turns out to be anything but. With little time left before she leaves, Will discovers that there are worse things than single ply.

The Pink Bicycle - 12:52 minutes
Written and Directed by Olivia Johnson
Produced by Derek Baker
Starring Kingston Phillips, Cheri Bloomingdale, Brett Comstock

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Ophelia wanders home from school onto a garage sale where a pink bicycle snatches her attention away from the sadness that is her life. Cast-off objects bring forth flashes of her past, all of which blur her reality.

Morton's Calling - 3:15 minutes
Written and Directed by Mike Comstock
Shot and Edited by Matt Patterson
Starring Mark Dews, Chistopher Ahrens, Jon Portrey, Kingston Phillips, MacKenzie Frei, Steffen Smith, Will Meinen

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Morton T. Hiokol is bored and looking for someone to hang out with. Unfortunately for Morton all of his friends are available in this hilarious short based on actual events.

Heels to the Pavement - 22:00 minutes
Directed by Zachary Mattson
Written by Garret Geist
Produced by Garret Geist, Chad Bishoff, Matthew Burke, Zachray Mattson
Starring Matthew Burke, Angela Hindley, Zachary Mattson, Keith Holmes, Chad Bishoff

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

If champions are made, then one might consider the town of Kennard, Nebraska a first class champion factory. Proof is in the people who reside in this great plains community with a population of 371. Three of Kennard's finest--Howard Locker (The Legend), Deborah Ryck (The Prospect), and Peter Pahkinas (The Beginner)--strive to achieve greatness via a sport often dismissed as preposterous. Powerwalking.

Priority Auto - 11:35 minutes
Written and Directed by Aaron Sawyer
Starring Kara Davidson, Ryan Kathman, Robie Hayek, Jessica Merideth

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

Sparks fly when Billy drops his car off at Jo's Auto Body Shop, but trouble at work forces the duo into a race for each other's hearts.

Reservations - 11:20 minutes
Directed by Michael Lang
Written by Michael Lang and Shawn Watson
Produced by Shawn Watson, Amy Lechtenberg, Todd Freeman
Starring Mark Booker, Melanie Gillis, Juan Cazeres

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A waiter at an upscale restaurant finally gathers the courage to ask his boss on a date, only to be surprised by her response.

Drama Shorts Block - 104 minutes
Screens Thursday, March 3 at 8:15pm

The Secret Friend – 15:00 minutes
Directed by Flavio Alves
Produced by Nicholas Eisenberg, Raina Oberlin, Flavio Alves, Fernando Pinheiro
Starring Viola Harris, Siobhan Fallon, Beau Hauser, Richard Scott

A reclusive, elderly widow, Anna Marshall (Viola Harris), lives in quiet desperation until she begins receiving daily calls from a silent stranger. An odd and mysterious friendship evolves between the two, as Anna begins to share her life experiences with startling honesty. Empty days are given new hope, but when the calls abruptly end, a devastated Anna is compelled to surprising action to fill the unbearable void.

In That Moment – 5:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Shripriya Mahesh
Produced by Uzoma Emukah
Starring David Engel, Jennifer Laine Williams, Kavi Kapoor, Jose Luis Langus, Mercedes Mazieres Langus

A living statue's regular routine is interrupted by a lovely park visitor who captures his attention. He observes her unnoticed. When a boy and his balloon turn the lady's attention to the living statue, she is intrigued. An enchanting encounter ensues in the heart of New York's Central Park.

Leçon de ténèbres (The Quartet) – France – 15:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Sarah Arnold
Starring Albert Delpy

Four aging musicians are getting ready to give a concert in a local church on a sunny summer afternoon. But the cellist's day goes from bad to worse and the incomplete quartet are forced to begin a clumsy melody without him. As night falls, the cellist arrives at last and the quartet finds its unity for a brief moment.

Eulogy Maker – 5:50 minutes
Written and Directed by Leslie Langee
Produced by Nancy Gresham
Starring Brayden Whisenhunt, Sonny Carl Davis, Robert Campbell, Christopher Campbell, Rowan McElroy, Tanner Johnson, Patrick Bertucci, Alec Johnson

Eulogy Maker is a film about Elliot, a young country boy that gives eulogies for children’s beloved pets. Saying goodbye to a pet isn't easy for a child, but sometimes it’s the only way to prepare for life’s inevitable losses.

Shoegazer – 18:00 minutes
Written by Amy Adrion
Produced by Sharon Hill, Alexandra Fisher
Starring Phalana Tiller, Remy Nozik, Andrea Kelley, Ben Peyser, Andrea Mallette

A bartender on a mission to find her cheating boyfriend gets stuck driving a drunk high-schooler home.

Lost For Words – 10:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Sean Wainsteim
Produced by John Nadalin
Starring Owen Lock, Daphne De Baat, Todd Doldersum

A lost little boy follows a capricious girl through a bizarre fairy-tale land filled with fantastic creatures and dangerous words. This live-action film harkens back to the dreamlike spirit of Alice In Wonderland, Nemo in Slumberland and Where The Wild Things Are.

Kitty Kitty – 11:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Michael Medaglia
Produced by David Woods, Sapi Chhabra
Starring Caroline Duncan, Ben Messmer, Hank Bunker, Lily Holleman, Radu Vlad

There's something VERY wrong with Val's boyfriend. Inspired by a real-life disease, toxoplasmosis, which has recently been linked to altering human behavior, Kitty Kitty is a short horror film about love, cats and brain parasites.

The Foal – 9:38 minutes
Directed by Josh Tanner
Written and Produced by Jade van der Lei
Starring David Roberts, Olivia Quinn

A young girl finds solace with the corpse of a recently deceased foal.

The Cortege – 14:00 minutes
Directed by Marina Sereseky
Starring Mariano Llorente

Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for Marta to take flowers to the grave of her husband. She is his last hope.

Action Shorts Block – 103 minutes
Screens Friday, March 4 at 5:45pm

Red Princess Blues – 10:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Alex Ferrari
Starring Richard Tyson, Rachel Grant, Tabitha Morella, German Leonne

In this twisted modern day fairy tale ZOE, a young teenage girl, is lured into an after-hours carnival tent by the sleazy rock n roll carney RIMO, she then gets more then she bargained for. It is up to the mysterious PRINCESS, the star of the new knife show at ROSCOE'S CARNIVAL & FREAK SHOW to pull her out of the wolf's den that she has fallen into.

The Legend of Beaver Dam – 11:42 minutes
Directed by Jerome Sable
Written by Jerome Sable, Eli Batalion
Produced by Jerome Sable, Eli Batalion, Michael R. Blaha
Starring L.J. Benet, Seán Cullen, Rick Miller, Kailey Swanson

When a ghost story around the campfire awakens an evil monster, it's up to nerdy Danny Zigwitz to be the hero and save his fellow campers from a bloody massacre. Crank up the volume and get ready to scream along to this musical gore-fest in the woods. Heads will rock'n'roll!

End of the Tour – 14:59 minutes
Written and Directed by Richard Kinsella
Starring Marc Baylis, Peter Halpin, Miranda Keeling

A soldier returns from the Middle East and sets out to exact revenge on his cheating wife and her lover. Confronting the pair at the lover's house, he presents them with the deadliest of ultimatums...only one may live and they must choose which or they both must die. At the end of the tour, the real war begins...

The 3rd Letter – 16:15 minutes
Directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Written and Produced by Bastiaan Koch
Starring Rodrigo Lopresti

Faced with the imminent loss of his crucial health insurance, Brief (Rodrigo Lopresti) unwittingly unravels a dark truth behind his insurance which subsequently pushes him to unspeakable lengths in an attempt for survival.

Deeper Than Yesterday – 19:43 minutes
Written and Directed by Ariel Kleiman
Starring Albert Goikhman, Dmitiri Pronin

After three months submerged underwater, the men have become savages. Oleg fears that losing perspective may mean losing himself.

The Activist – 15:30 minutes
Written and Directed by Phillip Montgomery
Starring Jesse Steccatto, Chris Boas

The story of a middle-aged former Activist who realizes he has become a part of the system he once fought so hard against.

Time's Up, Eve – 12:42 minutes
Written and Directed by Patrick Rea
Produced by Jon Niccum, Patrick Rea, Ryan S. Jones
Starring Sharon Wright, Jason Miller, Denise Carroll

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

In the 1940s, a woman pursued through the city must elude shadowy figures who have claimed the souls of her friends and loved ones.

Animated Shorts Block – 107 minutes
Screens Saturday, March 5 at 5:45pm

Snowflakes and Carrots (Flacons et Carottes) - 4:01 minutes
Written and Directed by Samantha Leriche-Gionet

At the outskirts of a small countryside village, a little girl named Marion is spying on some kids building a snowman. Once done, the kids leave... and therefore Marion can start her carrot scavenging mission.

The Astronomer's Sun - 6:00 minutes
Written, Directed and Animated by Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope
Produced by David Bunting and Peter M Kershaw

A young man, accompanied by his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his Father on a journey into the magical unknown. A magical journey about relationships and what it is to be human.

Surviving Hunger - 2:30 minutes
Directed by Balgum Song
Starring Insung Um

The animation is placed on a desert-like landscape where there are just sands and dry air with no foods. I am using two characters for this storyline. One is a big frog-looking character who wanders around for food. The other is a cute little character that comes towards the big character to use himself as bait. The story is going to be a conflict between these two characters.

Pinched - 11:05 minutes
Written and Directed by David Vandervoort
Produced by Shannon Prynoski, Chris Prynoski

A schizophrenic pickpocket scours the underground trains at the command of his inner demons. But when an accidental score reconnects him with a long-lost love, he must test his strength and defy the voices in his head. In the end, the quest for love proves the most meaningful endeavor of all, and the final cure for his sickness.

The Bewildering Case (El Extraño Caso) - 7:20 minutes
Written and Directed by Javier Martinez

Detective Campos has just made a sensational discovery at the crime scene.

The Birds Upstairs - 8:30 minutes
Written and Directed by Christopher Jarvis

Frustrated attempts to bear children overwhelm the lives of an aristocratic, avian couple in the early nineteenth century.

Kidnap - 3:55 minutes
Written and Directed by Sijia Luo
A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: getting kidnapped on the way to school. This chicken is a really good actress and Kung fu master! After her explanation, you have to believe that her adventure is so true. She was kidnapped by chickens first, then gunmen, then aliens and finally Jesus saved her life and sent her to school.

Stanley Pickle - 11:20 minutes
Directed by Vicky Mather
Produced by Justine Watson
Starring Drew Caiden, Haruka Abe, Nadia Morgan, Gareth Brierley

Stanley never goes outside. He likes to play with his clockwork toys and every night his mother kisses him goodnight. Stanley is twenty. The trouble is that Stanley thinks this is all quite normal, until an encounter with a mysterious girl turns his world upside down.

The Boy Who Wanted to Be A Lion - 8:40 minutes
Directed by Alois Di Leo
Written by Jérémie Dubois
Produced by Polly Stokes

Max is a seven-year-old deaf boy growing up in the 1960s. One day he goes on a school trip to the zoo, where he sees a lion for the first time. A feeling begins to grow inside him that will change his life forever.

Amazonia - 4:50 minutes
Written and Directed by Sam Chen
In the dangerous world of the Amazon Rainforest, finding a meal proves to be an impossible task for a little tree frog named Bounce. His luck changes when he meets Biggy, a blue-bellied tree frog who takes him under his guidance and shows him the ways of the jungle in this animated journey set to Beethoven's Symphony No.8.

Barko - 7:38 minutes
Directed by Allison Craig
Produced by Shannon Prynoski, Chris Prynoski

Barko is a lonely, unloved, and abused dog who has established himself as the unwilling clown of a circus run by poodles. His seemingly random fear of hot dogs is rationalized by flashbacks conveying a former owner who occupies his time tormenting the poor pup with the processed snack. Yet, in the end, Barko suddenly finds himself in the arms of a caring boy who shows him that he can experience a little love after all.

Cooked - 6:55 minutes
Directed by Jens Blank
Written by Caroline Bruckner
Produced by Tom Leggett

Cooked tells the story of the unlikely love triangle that sparks between a walrus a seal and a lobster in an arctic sauna.

Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks - 11:48 minutes
Directed by David T. Krupicz
Written by Sean Kennedy
Produced by James O'Brien

From an underground bunker a hooded figure lights a candle in the darkness, reaches for one of few remaining personal possessions and re-tells the story of his wife, one of the many who have fallen to the widespread plagues and fallout sickness.

The Wonder Hospital - 11:30 minutes
Written and Directed by Beomsik Shimbe Shim

The Wonder Hospital, a 3D animated film, is a surreal journey of oddity and empty illusion. In a mysterious hospital, modification of physical beauty is not what you would expect. A girl's desire for superficial beauty leads her to chase after the luring 'After' images on a path of advertisements throughout the hospital. But in the end she finds something unimaginable and irreversible.

Comedy Shorts Block – 99 minutes
Screens Saturday, March 5 at 7:15pm

Cataplexy – 7:25 minutes
Directed by John Salcido
Written by Matt Ferrone, Stacia Black
Produced by John Salcido, Neil Evans, Matt Ferrone
Starring David Tenenbaum, Michelle Noh

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!


A man with an unusual medical problem is embarrassed to discover the call girl he hired is an old friend.

Anything You Can Do – 5:56 minutes
Written and Directed by Evan Buxbaum
Produced by Evan Buxbaum, Whitney Buxton
Starring Bridget Megan Clark, Russell Kahn, Bret Shuford, Uma Incrocci, Austin Taylor

Using her new video camera, Heather documents all the things she can do better than everyone else. But when Jake shows up, she is forced to spend time with the one person in the world who won’t compete with her. At least not yet.

God of Love – 18:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Luke Matheny
Written by Luke Matheny
Produced by Gigi Dement, Stefanie Walmsley, Emliy Young
Starring Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh, Emliy Young, Miguel Rosales

Nominated for the 2011 Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short!

Update: WON the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short!

A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered -- literally -- when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts.

Dead Happy – 10:48 minutes
Directed by Nicky Lianos
Written by David Lemon
Produced by Nicky Lianos, Huberta Von Liel
Starring Alice Lowe, Dario Bernal, Justin Edwards, Tom Meeten

Dead Happy is a short comedy about the Grim Reaper bored with her job trying to cope with her unrequited love for another.

Chance of Showers – 22:18 minutes
Directed by David Spiegelman
Written by Chris Merrill
Starring Robert Keith, Rachel Boston

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!


When a man obsessed with the rain finds himself five years into a drought, the universe and a woman in a yellow rain jacket help him find his way out.

Playgirl - 4:55 minutes
Directed by Gilles Guerraz
Written by Vincent Londez
Starring Sarah Suco, Vincent Londez

A young woman is writing in her diary the best methods to dump any type of guy, just by adapting to one another.

Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson – 12:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Vincent Lin
Produced by Vincent Lin, Caleb Medders, Matthew D'Amato
Starring Jason Winfield, Patricia Frost, Joseph Callari, Martin Pfefferkorn, Eric Blood

When up and coming filmmaker Chase Thompson is hired to direct a lackluster romance film, the foolhardy director takes it as an opportunity to fire the crew and turn the film into his own zombie slaying masterpiece, starring himself.

Ready to Pop – 5:55 minutes
Directed by Michelle Davidson, Anthony Ladesich
Written by Michelle Davidson
Starring Michelle Davidson, Aaron Laue

Filmmakers scheduled to attend!

A horny pregnant woman tries to get her uninterested husband to have sex.

Time Freak – 11:00 minutes
Written and Directed by Andrew Bowler
Produced by Gigi Causey
Starring Michael Nathanson, John Conor Brooke

A neurotic inventor creates a time machine only to get lost trying to make yesterday perfect.