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48hr Poster

As part of Omaha Creative Week (August 31 - September 9), the Omaha Film Festival is hosting a 48 Hour Smartphone Film Challenge to spark creativity and collaboration among local filmmakers. Participants will be given 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a film under 5 minutes in length. Special rules and additional challenges from Stella Artois and The Reader will force the filmmakers to think creatively in order to complete their project.

The 48 Hour Challenge will commence on Friday, August 31st starting at 6:00pm at the Image Arts Building on 2626 Harney Street.

Films will be due back to festival staff at the same address on Sunday, September 2nd by 8:00pm. Final delivery will be an H.264 file and we'll be ready with computers to capture the files if you bring them in on a flash drive or a disc.

All films will be screened the following weekend and prizes will be awarded. (screening location TBA)

Filmmakers can register for the 48 Hour Challenge at

Pre-registration is $15.
Registration the day of the Challenge launch (August 31) is $25.
So here's how it works:
Start putting your team together now! Actors, writers, filmmakers...get ready! Send at least one representative to the event on Friday, August 31st where the rules be announced and your film packets will be distributed. Within that packet of info you will be given four required challenges and two bonus challenges:
1. You will be given a genre.
2. You will be given an area of Omaha where at least once scene needs to take place.
3. You will be given a line of dialog that must be in the film.
4. You will be given a prop that must be used in the film.
The optional bonus challenges are sponsored by Stella and The Reader and will be spelled out in your packet.

All films MUST be shot on a smartphone. Audio can be captured any way you'd like. Editing can be completed any way you like.

There's no age limit on the filmmakers!

More information about Omaha Creative Week is available at Please direct questions about the 48 Hour Smartphone Film Challenge to