Omaha Film Festival - 2006,2007,2008,2009, and 2010

Results from the 2010 OFF

Best Nebraska Screenplay- The Imperfects, written by Leon Micek
Best Feature Screenplay - The Imperfects, written by Leon Micek
Best Short Screenplay - The Budgie, written by Kimberly Coleman

Best Cinematography in a Short Film - Kavi, directed by Gregg Helvey
Best Animated Short Film - The Mouse That Soared, directed by Kyle Bell
Best Nebraska Short Film - F. Word Pizza, directed by Max Mentzer
Best Short Film - True Beauty This Night, directed by Peter Besson
Best OFF the Edge Film - The Revenant, directed by Kerry Prior
Best Documentary - Mount St. Elias, directed by Gerald Salmina
Best Feature Film - In My Sleep, directed Allen Wolf
Audience Choice Short Film - Meltdown, directed by David Green
Audience Choice Documentary - 65_RedRoses, directed by Nimisha Mukerji & Phillip Layall
Audience Choice Feature Film - Last Breath, directed by Ty Jones

Results from the 2009 OFF

Best Feature Screenplay: Whiteout by Paul L. Tremblay
Best Short Screenplay: French Kissing by Rebecca Gifford
Best Nebraska Screenplay: Drive-By by Michael Welles Schock

Audience Choice Short Film: Granny Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty directed by Nicky Phelan
Audience Choice Documentary: A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story directed by Lane Wyrick
Audience Choice Feature Film: Touching Home directed by Logan and Noah Miller

Short Film Best Cinematography: Valley of the Moon directed by John Monteleone

OFF the EDGE: Agent 5: A Night in the Last Life Of directed by Matthew Desotell
Animated Short Film: Varmints directed by Marc Craste
Best Nebraska Short Film: Coons directed by Chris Cloyd
Best Short Film: Sugar directed by Alex Beh
Best Feature Film: Phantom Punch directed by Robert Townsend
Best Documentary: The Providence Effect directed by Rollin Binzer

Results from the 2008 OFF

Screenplay Awards:
Short Length Screenplay: "Zaid's Cup" by Kimberly Coleman
Feature Length Screenplay: "The Third Realm" by Nino Del Pesco
Nebraska Screenplay: "This Old Porch" by Jim Christensen

Jury Prizes
Feature Film: "The Flyboys" directed by Rocco DeVilliers
Documentary: "The Listening Project" directed by Dominic Howes, Joel Weber
OFF the EDGE: "The Wretched" directed by Daniel B. Iske
Short Film: "Validation" directed by Kurt Kuenne
Animated Short Film: "Ark" directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Nebraska Short Film: "Temper Espresso" directed by John Albrecht

Audience Choice Prizes
Feature Film: "The Flyboys" directed by Rocco DeVilliers
Documentary: "Strongest Ever" produced by Ben Crane, Christopher Lavigne, Colleen Evanson, Jacqueline Willemsen
Short Film: "The Replacement Child" directed by Justin Lerner

Results from the 2007 OFF

2007 Award Winners

Jury Awards
Best Feature Film: a Lobster Tale
Director: Adam Massey

Best Documentary: Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life
Director: Logan Smalley

Best Short Film: Kidney Thieves
Director: Toby Wilkins

Best Animated Short Film: One Rat Short
Director: Alex Weil

Best Nebraska Short: Break Time
Director: Dan Byers

Best Feature Length Screenplay: Jack & Addie by Jeremy Stein

Best Short Length Screenplay: Meadowlandz by Moon Molson

Best Nebraska Screenplay: Small Town Route by Michael Comstock

Audience Awards
Best Feature: Mr. Dungbeetle
Director: Thomas Russell

Best Documentary: Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life
Director: Logan Smalley

Best Short Film: The Wine Bar
Director: Christian Remde

Results from the 2006 OFF

Best Feature Film: EXPIRATION DATE
Director: Rick Stevenson

Best Documentary: El Inmigrante
Directors: David Eckenrode, John Sheedy, & John Eckenrode

Best Short Film: Full Disclosure
Director: Douglas Horn

Best Animation Short: The Mantis Parable
Director: Josh Staub

Best Student Short: End of A Dog
Director: John Morgan

Best Nebraska Short: A Time To Speak
Director: Catherine Meier

Feature Length Screenplay:
When Things Fall Down by Arisa Kim

Short Length Screenplay:
Highway 12 by Ezechiel Brummels

Best of Nebraska Screenplay:
CRAZY/KYLE by Robin Millard

Viewers Choice Finalists - Feature Film:
Freeze Out
Sweet Land

Viewers Choice Finalists - Documentary:
El Inmigrante
BRATS: Our Journey Home
Abduction The Megumi Yokota Story
Winner: Abduction The Megumi Yokota Story

Viewers Choice Finalists - Short Film:
End of A Dog
The Showdown
Winner: The Showdown

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